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How to Solve Yahoo Mail Sending and Receiving Email Issue



Yahoo efficiently serves the purpose of a search engine as well as you can send and receive emails. The search engine can be used to look for any information and you can share the same emails via emails. Yahoo also allows you to create filters for the emails so as to make it more convenient for you.


Talking about the drawback, there can be times when you are not able to send or receive any emails in your Yahoo account. But no need to worry as there are different ways using which you can fix this issue. You can also reach out to us by contact at You can also reach out to us by contact at Yahoo chat support as it is the most expedient option. 


Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps you need to make sure that your system is connected to a properly working internet connection. A poor internet connection can also be responsible for not being able to send or receive emails.


Now, you can proceed with the steps listed below if you are not able to send emails:


1. The first check in the sent folder where you can view the emails which have been sent and the unsent emails will be in the drafts folder.
2. Make sure you have entered the correct email address or you will face a sending error.
3. Ask the recipient to check if he is receiving the emails in the spam folder.
Make sure the recipient has not added your email address in the block list.


In case, you are not able to receive any emails in your Yahoo account, follow these steps:


1. Check if there is a problem with your Yahoo account by sending an email to yourself and see if you are getting any error.
2. Check the settings of your Yahoo account as you might have added the sender to the block list.

3. Check the spam folder of your Yahoo account as some of the genuine emails might have landed in the spam folder.

4. Go through all the folders you have created for your Yahoo account as setting a wrong filter can send the email to the wrong folder.


For further queries and issues, don’t forget to call at the Yahoo customer service phone number where our technical executives will help you. You can use this toll- free number to get all your Yahoo issues fixed immediately as the technical staff has the required experience in dealing with all such issues.

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