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How to Setup AOL Account on New Computer?



AOL is one of the important email services and it offers a number of extraordinary features. In case you have shifted to a new computer and want to use it to access your AOL account you can easily do the same by following the procedure given below. In case you have any other queries regarding AOL, AOL phone number is always available.


1. First, turn on the new device and log in to your administrator account.

2. Now, insert the AOL software CD and then wait for some time till the CD loads.

3. When the CD starts loading, the setup will start automatically. If this doesn’t happen, click on the ‘Start’ menu and then select ‘My Computer’. Double-click on the drive with CD and then search for the .exe file to start the installation process.

4.When the .exe file starts, select the current member option in the setup wizard window.

5.Next, select the option ‘Adding your existing account to this computer’ and then click ‘Next’.

6. Now, select the folder where you want to set up the existing AOL software.

7. Click on ‘Continue’ and wait till the old AOL Software gets installed in the new system.

8. Enter the username and password to start the software and before starting AOL, make sure to remove the CD and restart the system.


This is how you can start using your AOL account on a new computer. For any queries or issues regarding the AOL software, you can simply dial the AOL customer service number.

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